We are also equipped with one of the best graphic design departments. We can take most any artwork and vector it in Adobe Illustrator. This enables us to prepare the artwork for digitizing, silk screening, heat press, and heat transfer.

is a process where we print your artwork on a garment with inks and is generally what you see on a typical t-shirt. This process involves design, burning a screen, printing, drying, and folding. The normal turn around time for printing is one week and due to the lengthy set up involved, the minimum for this is 12 items.
Pricing on Silk Screen Printing
is determined by quantity of items, number of colors, and number of locations on the same item to be printed. Each color contained in the design has to have its own screen burned and the more colors/screens burned, the more expensive the project will become. Once the order is placed, we e-mail you a digital image of the garment, and then we print.