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Got design?
We offer the best in-house design services you can get on this side of the country. Or that side. From a completely new design from scratch, to basic layout and typesetting, we can take care of all your needs. Click on the selections to the left to get more detailed descriptions of the various types of sevices we offer.
Fred in the art department handles all the incoming art, separations, and custom design work. He attended a fancey University, where he leraned all kinds of design techniques on the latest graphics programs, and how to use his illustration talents in the digital realm. He wanted to take cooking but they didn't have that.
But it takes more than skills and talent to produce the professional quality we're known for. Thats where the 18 years of experience we have in the business comes in. With an art department that works directly with the production department, we take quality control to places beyond your wildest fantasies. OK maybe not that far. But we do make sure that you get exactly what you want; colors, size, placement, ink density, and any special requests.
Basic Layout and Typesetting
Typesetting is basically setting up text and laying it out properly to go along with a provided design, or changing exisiting type already in a design. It involves working with fonts, layout, and type treatments, and usually requires less time and effort than a custom artwork or logo recreation order. Usually it takes less than an hour, so its the minimum design fee customers will pay for a job if the files need to be modified Some designs, which require extensive typesetting, design, copywriting, or proofing will fall under a normal hourly art charge. If you're not sure how much typesetting or design work you need, ask us for a quote on your job. Include a description of the work to be done, along with any existing files, or reference links you have. You can also send us boxes of donuts, they help us think.
Custom Artwork
So, you know what you want, but you don't have the artwork? Thats where our art department comes in. We work from your ideas to create a professional logo, illustration, layout, advertisement, or design that you will love.
Logo Recreation
Need a new logo? Lost your old one? Its not uncommon to need a revised version of an original logo, for a variety of reasons. Whatever the case, we can help. Simply submit the best verison you have, and we will take a look and let you know if it can be used for screen printing. If it cannot, we'll give you an instant quote as far as time and cost to recreate (or touch-up) your existing logo. Chances are, we can deliver in less time and for less cost than you might think. And you get to keep the file for future use.